Silent Sheet Piling

The introduction of Japanese piling presses into the UK in the early 1990s brought a much needed method of sheet pile installation that produced minimal vibration, very low noise levels and could cope with the variable soil strata encountered.  Berryrange is able to offer our clients a means of sheet pile installation with minimal disturbance to the surrounding enviroment.

We own and operate two WP150 Silent and Vibration free pilers complete with their own purpose built Aoki water jetting units. One power pack in self propelled giving additional versatility and independence from craneage.


The piler operates on a pitch and drive basis and is capable of independent self moving. A pile is fully driven before the machine can move forward to drive the next pile.
A detailed explanation of the piler operation can be obtained in our Silent Piling Brochure.

Piles can be pushed into most soils, but each soil requires a different technique.


Clays, silts and fine sands are the most compatible soils for driving through. Gravels can present difficulties due to high end bearing resistance being generated and the need to displace individual particles.  Gravels can be driven through but will not offer sufficient reaction alone.  Therefore penetration into another layer where reaction can be generated will generally be required. Several techniques are available to overcome problems and achieve pile penetration.  These include water jetting and pre-augering.

The WP150 Piler is ideal for installing piles adjacent to properties or boundaries. An offset of 800mm from the pile centre line to a structure or boundary can usually be achieved. At corners, extra space may be required for the dummy piles, and the rear of the machine to swing around.



Under certain circumstances, where space is a premium a special piler and pile section can be offered that can install a pile flush with a structure or obstruction.