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Berryrange maintain substantial quantities of both new and good quality second hand piles which are often used on temporary piling works, and can be priced on an in/out basis or hire.

With the demise of sheet pile manufacturing in the UK, piles have had to be sourced from the world market but primarily markets from Europe and Japan.

We have based our pile stocks on the most commonly used pile profile, the 600mm U profiled sheet pile. By purchasing piles from multiple sources we are able to offer our clients piles at or below market prices, and generally available from stock for prompt delivery.

There is also access to a wide range of ‘other’ piles, depending on section and quantity, these can be readily available for permanent or temporary works.

We can also offer corner clutches such as Omega, Deltas, C9, BS20, BS22, VTS and V20.

Because of the large amount of piles currently available we have produced a range of downloads giving pile data so you can choose a specific manufacturer or a summary sheet of all available piles. – (ML to sort a pdf download section)