9. Conventional Piling


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Sometimes the impression can be given that nowadays all sheet piling can be installed by either a leader rig or silent piler, but there is still a requirement to drive piles using the tried and trusted method of pitching piles in panels, and using walings and trestles to temporarily guide and secure them. A crane is used to pitch the piles and then it can lift the piling hammer.

Both percussive and vibratory piling can be used to drive the piles, the choice being determined by ground conditions and the location of the works.

This method of piling is particularly useful for installing where access is difficult and where a high tolerance is specified. The use of the guide walings to restrain the piles during the majority of the driving cycle, and the guiding effect from adjacent piles gives better results than any pitch and drive pile method of installation. This method is often used in Ports, Harbours and other marine works.

Conventional Piling