Leader Rig

A leader rig is a fast and efficient self contained mobile machine for sheet pile installation and extraction.  It consists of a 360° tracked base unit to which is fitted a telescopic mast.  A vibrating hammer which drives the pile is fixed to a slide on the mast.  This slide enables to vibrator to move down the mast as the pile is driven.  The rig can pick up and pitch the pile itself before commencing driving.

Because the means of driving the pile is by vibration they are ideally suited to pile installation in granular soils.  They are fitted with sophisticated instrumentation that allows the rig operator to monitor the verticality of the pile as it is installed and thus achieve compliance with the required tolerances.

Although the rig is capable of picking up a pile from a stack we have found that increased outputs can be achieved by using a slave crane, either mobile or crawler, to pitch the pile.  This allows the rig to maximise its time driving piles.

Berryrange owns and operates an ABI TM13/16 leader rig fitted with a MRZV925VS variable momentum vibrating hammer.  This type of drive unit greatly reduces the high amplitude vibrating associated with standard vibrators and enable the operator to adjust the unit to minimise the impact on the environ.

We also own an ABI MDBA 3500 auger drive motor and 300mm diameter flight which can be attached in place of the vibrating hammer to pre-auger the soil in advance of pile driving where dense ground and thus harder driving conditions are expected or where a reduction in vibration is required.

Access has to be considered when assessing whether a leader rig is the right equipment for the intended work.  Generally the rig will need to get to within 2m of the pile position, but in most circumstances this is achievable.

Leader rigs are also ideal for extracting and laying down piles.