9. Movax


What we do &

How we do it

The Excavator mounted Movax vibrator is similar to an EMV, but has one major advantage. The Movax vibrator unit is able to be rotated vertically and horizontally. In normal driving mode the Movax, like conventional vibrators will clamp onto the top of a pile to drive it. However by rotating the Movax in the vertical plane it is able to grip a pile at the side and drive from this configuration. This enables a pile that is longer than the clearance under the unit to be partly driven until the pile is low enough to relocate the Movax and clamp it onto the pile top, and complete the drive.

The multi-rotational ability means that the Movax can pick a pile off a stack, self-pitch it, and then drive to level. With the unit fixed to the end of its arm the excavator can stand back from the pile line to drive the pile. This enables piles to be driven where access is awkward and with less preparatory work being required.

The vibrating units can in a range of sizes to suit various sizes excavators, including long reach machines.

Pile accuracy is monitored via electronic instrumentation in the driver’s cab and a ‘bubble-man’ is used with a laser to ensure line & level is achieved.

Because of the way the arms of a 360° excavator moves in the vertical plane the driving tolerances will be less than can be achieved using a leader rig system. The Movax unit is less powerful than leader rig fitted vibrators and so careful consideration has to be given to when to use a Movax instead of a leader rig.