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The introduction of Japanese piling presses into the UK in the early 1990s brought a much needed method of sheet pile installation that produced minimal vibration, very low noise levels and could cope with the variable soil strata encountered. Combined with pre-augering the soil in advance and water jetting as the pile was installed, the UK construction industry was at last able to offer clients a means of sheet pile installation with minimal disturbance to the surrounding environ.

Berryrange Ltd owns and operates four WP150 silent and vibration free pilers and the JZ100 Zero Piler, (only one in Europe), complete with their own purpose built AOKI water jetting units.

Three power packs are self-propelled giving additional versatility and independence from craneage.

Two of the Power Packs have CAT C7 engines in line with NRMM requirements.

We have capability with our ABI leader rig and Excavator mounted Dangle Drill, specifically designed for pre-augering the soil when dense granular stratas are encountered.

The self-moving process enables the piler to walk along the top of the previously driven piles. Craneage is only needed to support the piler as it moves when insufficient reaction or bearing capacity is available. This is generally associated with short piles, weak soils or when the pile tops are high above ground level. Generally, a smaller crane is all that is needed, once started, to lift a pile into the piler.

Curved piling can be installed if required as well as a gradual change in the top level of the piles. A step up of 100mm and down of 50mm is possible per pile.

Piles can be pushed into most soils, but each soil requires a different technique.

Further details can be found under “Pre-Augering & Probing”, “Water Jetting” and our Generic Method Statements under “Services, Other”.

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